[Python-Dev] hashlib - faster md5/sha, adds sha256/512 support

Ronald L. Rivest rivest at mit.edu
Fri Dec 16 16:25:02 CET 2005

Hi --

I'm curious as to the status of upgrading cryptographic
hash function support in Python, now that md5 and sha1 are
both clearly broken (in terms of collision-resistance).

The consensus of researchers in this area (at least as
expressed at the NIST Hash Function Workshop 10/31/05),
is that SHA-256 is a good choice for the time being, but
that research should continue, and other alternatives may
arise from this research.  The larger SHA's also seem OK,
but I think will have less demand...

I'd like to see sha-256 supported in Python.  Has this
already happened (and I didn't notice) and/or will it
be happening soon?


         Ron Rivest

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