[Python-Dev] Incorporation of zlib sources into Python subversion

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Dec 18 11:09:54 CET 2005

Thomas (Heller) and I have been discussing whether the zlib
module should become builtin, atleast on Win32 (i.e. part
of python25.dll). This would simplify py2exe, which then could
bootstrap extraction from the compressed file just with
pythonxy.dll (clearly, zlib.pyd cannot be *in* the compressed

We currently don't do this, because the pythoncore.vcproj would
then not be buildable anymore unless you also have the right
version of zlib on disk.

To solve this, Thomas has proposed that the Python release could
incorporate a copy of zlib, primarily for use on Windows
(with the project files appropriately adjusted). I'm in favour
of such a change: the library is fairly small, and it would
not only simplify py2exe, but also simplify the build process.

Whether or not this copy of zlib would be integrated in the
Unix build process, in case where the system does not provide
a zlib, is a separate question.


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