[Python-Dev] status of development documentation

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Dec 21 22:40:45 CET 2005

Barry Warsaw wrote:

> Sorry, but HTML and (even more so) XML are not human-writable. :)  Yeah,
> we can all do the simple stuff, but I absolutely hate authoring in HTML,
> and it would be a nightmare if the documentation production system
> didn't handle lots and lots of magic for you (like weaving in the right
> footers, css, etc. -- oh wait, that's ht2html!).

Sure, and some people hate using whitespace for block structure.

> Maybe it's just because I came in late on this thread, but what exactly
> is broken about the current LaTeX documentation?

Checked the python-list archives lately?  If you google c.l.python for the
word "documentation", you'll find recent megathreads with subjects like
"bitching about the documentation", "opensource documentation problems"
and "python documentation should be better" among the top hits.  But if
you check the bug and patch trackers, you don't find many contributions.
Something's definitely broken.


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