[Python-Dev] Database import problems

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Tue Feb 1 16:32:43 CET 2005

I wonder if there is a developer with MySQL or sqlite and the 
appropriate Python interface module who can help me to understand a 
problem I'm experiencing trying to use PEP 302-style import hooks.

Basically I suspect we've either got an import bug or (more likely IMHO) 
a documentation bug, but I don't want to file on sf until I know exactly 
what the problem is, and I'm reluctant to use too much bandwidth on 
python-dev, which I know to be a busy list.

The background is visible in the Python-list archives starting at


Of course it's possible that a savvy developer can just tell me what the 
problem is by reading that thread.

If not, being a bear of little brain I need help from someone who is 
used to running debugging interpreters and can see exactly what's going 
on - my debugging system is fine for Python source, but has no insight 
into the interpreter code itself.

Since I'm not currently subscribed to python-dev an email response (or, 
better, a follow-up on the c.l.py thread) would be appreciated if you 
can solve this problem.

I'm happy to send full code off-list (or on-list, come to that) to 
anybody who can assist.

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