[Python-Dev] Is msvcr71.dll re-redistributable?

Vincent Wehren vwehren at home.nl
Wed Feb 2 06:30:04 CET 2005

Thomas Heller wrote:
> The 2.4 python.org installer installs msvcr71.dll on the target system.
> If someone uses py2exe or a similar tool to create a frozen application,
> is he allowed to redistribute this msvcr71.dll to other users together
> with his application or not, even if he doesn't own MSVC?

According to the EULA, you may distribute anything listed in redist.txt:

"""2.2	Redistributable Code-General.   Microsoft grants you a 
nonexclusive, royalty-free right to reproduce and distribute the object 
code form of any portion of the Software listed in REDIST.TXT 
("Redistributable Code").  For general redistribution requirements for 
Redistributable Code, see Section 3.1, below."""

So the right to distribute is coupled to the a) the EULA and b) 
redist.txt. (As a side note, the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 for 
example contains NO redistributables per redist.txt).

In the case of not owning a compiler at all, chances seem pretty slim 
you have any rights to distribute anything.

Vincent Wehren

> This was asked on the py2exe users list, but I could not answer this
> question.  Googling for msvcr71.dll finds some site which offer to
> download it, and they pretend that they are not violating any license,
> but I wasn't able to find definite words from MS about that.
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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