[Python-Dev] Is msvcr71.dll re-redistributable?

Tony Meyer t-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 3 01:23:39 CET 2005

[Thomas Heller]
>> For the spambayes binary, maybe there should be another 
>> person adding the msvcr71.dll to the distribution that Tony
>> builds?  Someone who has a MSVC license, and also is developer
>> on the spambayes project?

[Tim Peters]
> To the best of my knowledge, Tony is distributing my duly 
> licensed copy of msvcr71.dll with spambayes.  And so long as 
> I remain totally ignorant of what Tony actually does, that 
> will remain my best knowledge.  Win-win <wink>. 

That solves the specific SpamBayes problem.  It still seems like this is
somewhat of a PITA for people wanting to build frozen Windows apps with
Python 2.4, though.  OTOH, I can't personally think of anything (apart from
the it'll-never-fly go back to VC6 solution or the bound-to-be-terrible
static linking solution) that the Python developers can do about it.

(Well, there's that chap from Microsoft at PyCon, right?  How about one of
you convince him to convince Microsoft to give all Python developers a
licence to redistribute msvcr71.dll?  <wink>).

BTW, this bit of the EULA isn't great:

""(iii) to distribute the Licensee Software containing the Redistributables
pursuant to an end user license agreement (which may be "break-the-seal",
"click-wrap" or signed), with terms no less protective than those contained
in this EULA;"""

The PSF licence is probably somewhat less protective than that one.  I
suppose the PSF licence really applies to the source, though, and not the
built binary.  Or something like that :)

(Users giving the software directly to someone else, rather than downloading
from the official site, is probably covered by:

"""You also agree not to permit further distribution of the Redistributables
by your end users except you may permit further redistribution of the
Redistributables by your distributors to your end-user customers if your
distributors only distribute the Redistributables in conjunction with, and
as part of, the Licensee Software and you and your distributors comply with
all other terms of this EULA."""

Where the users become our redistributors.)


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