[Python-Dev] Is msvcr71.dll re-redistributable?

Tony Meyer t-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Feb 3 02:32:11 CET 2005

(I should point out the thread that starts here, too:


in case anyone isn't aware of it).

> Sounds like this puts all Python users in the clear, since 
> Python is the Licensee Software in that case.  So, anybody can
> distribute msvcr71 as "part of" Python.

I guess it would really take a lawyer (well, probably several) to say
whether distributing a frozen application is distributing Python or not.

> OTOH, the other wording sounds like Python itself has to have 
> a click-wrap, tear-open, or signature EULA!  IOW, the EULA
> appears to prohibit free distribution of the runtime with a
> program that has no EULA.
> So, in an amusing turn of events, the EULA actually appears 
> to forbid the current offering of Python for Windows, since
> it does not have such a EULA.

I presume that adding a "click-wrap" EULA to the Python .msi would not be
difficult.  Lots of other .msi's have "click-wrap" licenses, so there must
be some sample code that can be used.  The license is already in the
distribution, it would just be displayed at an additional time.

The EULA has to be no less restrictive than the MSVC one (presumably only in
relation to the bits of MSVC that are being redistributed), so I guess a
section at the end of the PSF license that duplicates the relevant bits of
the MSVC one would work.  (Of course, IANAL).


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