[Python-Dev] Re: [Python-checkins] python/dist/src/Python future.c, 2.14, 2.15

Jeremy Hylton jhylton at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 16:49:13 CET 2005

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 02:31:26 -0500, Raymond Hettinger <python at rcn.com> wrote:
> [Anthony]
> > While this is undoubtedly a bug fix, I'm not sure that it should be
> > backported - it will break people's code that is "working" now (albeit
> > in a faulty way). What do people think?
> I concur -- the balance of risks is towards the patch causing more harm
> than good.

I would not backport it to Python 2.3.  People have been using it for
a long time.  I'd be inclined to backport it to Python 2.4, which is
still relatively new.  If someone has buggy code, an upgrade is going
to cause a problem for them at some point.  Given how unlikely the
risk is -- particularly given that division is the only useful future
now -- I'd say the risk is acceptable for Python 2.4.1.  (Unlike, say,
Python 2.4.2.)


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