[Python-Dev] list of constants -> tuple of constants

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Feb 6 20:13:51 CET 2005

    Raymond> [Skip]
    >> If lists are conceptually like vectors or arrays in other languages
    >> and tuples are like C structs or Pascal records, then by converting
    >> from list to tuple form you've somehow muddied the data structure
    >> water just to take advantage of tuples' immutability.

    Raymond> In the context of literals used with the "in" operator,
    Raymond> practices are widely divergent within the standard library and
    Raymond> within the tutorial.

Then perhaps we should strive to make the standard library and tutorial more
consistent.  Answers to questions on c.l.py often advocate the standard
library as a good source for example code.

    Raymond> It seems that the list-as-arrays-tuple-as-records guideline is
    Raymond> not meaningful or applicable in the context of the "in"
    Raymond> operator.  Proscribing tuple.__contains__ and tuple.__iter__
    Raymond> carrys the notion a bit too far.

I agree that the presence of __contains__ and __iter__ kind of blurs the
distinction between the concept of sequence and struct.


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