[Python-Dev] discourage patch reviews to the list?

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Feb 10 02:25:14 CET 2005

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Brett C. wrote:
>  > But if people don't have that in mind, should we not be encouraging
>> this?  I mean it seems to be defeating the purpose of SF and having 
>> the various mailing lists that send out updates on SF posts.


> Björn did post his comment to SF, and a summary to python-dev. I
> personally think this is a good strategy: it puts focus on things
> that should be worked on.
> Let me explain why I think that these patches should be worked on:
> - it might be that the analysis of the patch suggests that the patch
>   should be rejected, as-is.
> - it might be that the analysis suggests changes.

> - it might be that the analysis recommend acceptance.

All valid points, but I also don't want people to suddenly start posting 
one-liners or bug posts.

I guess it comes down to a signal-to-noise ratio and if the level of signal we 
are currently getting will hold.  If we say it is okay for people to send in 
patch reviews *only* and not notifications of new patches, bug reports, or bug 
reviews, then I can handle it.

> To put it the other way 'round: should we only discuss changes on
> python-dev which *don't* have patches on SF???? I don't think
> so.

And neither do I.  I just don't want a ton of random emails on python-dev that 
really belong in the SF tracker instead.  Reason why we don't tend to take 
direct bug reports in email unless there is a question over semantics.

> Furthermore, this strategy exposes the reviewer. A reviewer is
> somebody who will potentially get write access to the tracker,
> and perhaps CVS write access. A reviewer who wants to contribute
> in this way regularly clearly needs to gain the trust of other
> contributors, and posting smart, valuable, objective, balanced
> reviews on contributed patches is an excellent way to gain such
> trust (likewise, posting reviews which turn out to be flawed
> is a way to find out that the reviewer still needs to learn
> things before he can be trusted).

That is a very good point.  Guess I am softening on my rejection to this.  =)

If people in general agree to this idea of having people post patch reviews to 
python-dev I will update the dev intro essay to reflect all of this.  I will 
also add a mention about the 5-1 patch review deal.

> P.S. These remarks are mostly of general nature - I haven't
> actually studied yet Björn's review (but I leave it in my
> inbox so I can get back to it next week).

Same here.  I didn't mean to single out Björn in any way.  He just happened to 
trigger an email out of me.  =)


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