[Python-Dev] discourage patch reviews to the list?

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 10:40:21 CET 2005

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 17:25:14 -0800, Brett C. <bac at ocf.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> All valid points, but I also don't want people to suddenly start posting
> one-liners or bug posts.
> I guess it comes down to a signal-to-noise ratio and if the level of signal we
> are currently getting will hold.  If we say it is okay for people to send in
> patch reviews *only* and not notifications of new patches, bug reports, or bug
> reviews, then I can handle it.

Having done some reviews (admittedly for the 5-for-1 deal) I do like
seeing patch reviews appear on python-dev. As they are meant to be
reviews, this implies a certain level of effort expended, and quality
in the response. I agree with Martin that detail comments should go in
the tracker - a posting can summarise to an extent, but should be
enough to let python-dev readers know if they can act on the review.

It's nice to see new contributors doing good work to help Python, and
I assume they like the chance to feel like they are "participating" by
posting helpful contributions to python-dev. IMHO, the tracker doesn't
give this same feeling of "contributing".

Also, review postings encourage others to do the same - I know I did
my reviews after having seen someone else post a set of reviews. It
made me think "hey, I could do that!" I'm sure there are other lurkers
on python-dev who could be encouraged to assist in the same way.

Having said this, I'd suggest that if people intend to review multiple
patches, they post a summary covering a number of patches at a time.


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