[Python-Dev] license issues with profiler.py and md5.h/md5c.c

Donovan Baarda abo at minkirri.apana.org.au
Fri Feb 11 07:15:39 CET 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 23:13 -0500, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> On Feb 10, 2005, at 9:50 PM, Donovan Baarda wrote:
> > On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 21:30 -0500, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> > Only problem with this, is pyopenssl doesn't yet include any mdX or sha
> > modules.
> My bad, how about M2Crypto <http://sandbox.rulemaker.net/ngps/m2/> 
> then?  This one supports message digests and is more license compatible 
> with Python to boot.

This one does have md5 support, but the Python API is rather different
from the current python md5sum API. It hooks into the slightly higher
level MVP openssl layer, rather than the lower level md5 layer. Hooking
into the MVP layer pretty much requires including all the openssl
message digest implementations (which may or may not be a good idea).

It also uses SWIG to generate the extension module. I don't think
anything else in Python itself uses SWIG, so starting to use it would
introduce a "Build Dependency".

I think it would be cleaner and simpler to modify the existing
md5module.c to use the openssl md5 layer API (this is just a
search/replace to change the function names). The bigger problem is
deciding what/how/whether to include the openssl md5 implementation
sources so that win32 can use them.

Donovan Baarda <abo at minkirri.apana.org.au>

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