[Python-Dev] Memory Allocator Part 2: Did I get it right?

Evan Jones ejones at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 15 22:39:38 CET 2005

After I finally understood what thread-safety guarantees the Python  
memory allocator needs to provide, I went and did some hard thinking  
about the code this afternoon. I believe that my modifications provide  
the same guarantees that the original version did. I do need to declare  
the arenas array to be volatile, and leak the array when resizing it.  
Please correct me if I am wrong, but the situation that needs to be  
supported is this:

While one thread holds the GIL, any other thread can call PyObject_Free  
with a pointer that was returned by the system malloc.

The following situation is *not* supported:

While one thread holds the GIL, another thread calls PyObject_Free with  
a pointer that was returned by PyObject_Malloc.

I'm hoping that I got things a little better this time around. I've  
submitted my updated patch to the patch tracker. For reference, I've  
included links to SourceForge and the previous thread.

Thank you,

Evan Jones

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