[Python-Dev] [ python-Bugs-1124637 ] test_subprocess is far tooslow (fwd)

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Feb 17 18:11:19 CET 2005

"Raymond Hettinger" <python at rcn.com> writes:

>> Let's keep the really long-running tests out
>> of the regular test suite.
> For test_subprocess, consider adopting the technique used by
> test_decimal.  When -u decimal is not specified, a small random
> selection of the resource intensive tests are run.  That way, all of the
> tests eventually get run even if no one is routinely using -u all.

I do like this strategy but I don't think it applies to this test --
it has to try to create more than 'ulimit -n' processes, if I
understand it correctly.  Which makes me think there might be other
ways to write the test if the resource module is available...


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