[Python-Dev] Some old patches

Reinhold Birkenfeld reinhold-birkenfeld-nospam at wolke7.net
Sun Feb 20 00:26:36 CET 2005


this time working up some of the patches with beards:

- #751943

  Adds the display of the line number to cgitb stack traces even when
  the source code is not available to cgitb. This makes sense in the
  case that the source is lying around somewhere else. However, the
  original patch generates a link to "file://?" on the occasion that
  the source file name is not known. I have created a new patch
  (#1144549) that fixes this, and also renames all local variables
  "file" in cgitb to avoid builtin shadowing.

- #749830

  Allows the mmap call on UNIX to be supplied a length argument of
  0 to mmap the whole file (which is already implemented on Windows).
  However, the patch doesn't apply on current CVS, so I made a new patch
  (#1144555) that does. Recommend apply, unless this may cause problems
  on some Unices which I don't know about.

- #547176

  Allows the rlcompleter to complete on [] item access (constructs like
  sim[0].<TAB> could then be completed). As comments in the patch point
  out, this easily leads to execution of arbitrary code via __getitem__,
  which is IMHO a too big side effect of completing (though IPython does
  this). Recommend reject.

- #645894

  Allows the use of resource.getrusage time values for profile.py, which
  results in better timing resolution on FreeBSD. However, this may lead
  to worse timing resolution on other OS, so perhaps the patch should be
  changed to be restricted to this particular platform.

- #697613 -- bug #670311

  This handles the problem that python -i exits on SystemExit exceptions
  by introducting two new API functions. While it works for me, I am not
  sure whether this is too much overhead for fixing a glitch no one else
  complained about.

- #802188

  This adds a specific error message for invalid tokens after a '\' used
  as line continuation. While it may be helpful when the invalid token
  is whitespace, Python usually shows the exact location of the invalid
  token, so you can examine this line and find the error. On the other
  hand, the patch is no big deal, so if a specific error message is
  welcome, it may as well be applied.

Enough for today... and best of all: I have no patch which I want to


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