[Python-Dev] textwrap.py wordsep_re

Karl Chen quarl at cs.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 21 12:39:41 CET 2005


textwrap.fill() is awesome.

Except when the string to wrap contains dates -- which I would
like not to be filled.  In general I think wordsep_re can be
smarter about what it decides are hyphenated words.

For example, this code:
    print textwrap.fill('aaaaaaaaaa 2005-02-21', 18)
    aaaaaaaaaa 2005-

A slightly tweaked wordsep_re:
    textwrap.TextWrapper.wordsep_re =\
        re.compile(r'(\s+|'                  # any whitespace
                   r'[^\s\w]*\w+[a-zA-Z]-(?=[a-zA-Z]\w+)|' # hyphenated words
                   r'(?<=[\w\!\"\'\&\.\,\?])-{2,}(?=\w))')   # em-dash
    print textwrap.fill('aaaaaaaaaa 2005-02-21', 18)
behaves better:

What do you think about changing the default wordsep_re?

Karl 2005-02-21 03:32

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