[Python-Dev] PEP 309

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Sun Feb 27 13:39:28 CET 2005

> > Are you sure about that?  Contriving examples is easy, but download
> > few modules, scan them for use cases, and you may find, as I did,
> > partial() rarely applies.  The argument order tends to be
> So would you like to see the decision to accept PEP 309 reverted?

I would like for the principal advocates to reach a consensus that the
proposed implementation is a winner.  Ideally, that decision should be
informed by trying it out on their own, real code and seeing whether it
offers genuine improvements.  Along the way, they should assess whether
it is as applicable as expected, whether the existing limitations are
problematic, and whether performance is an issue.  All four issues are
in question.

My concern is that with Guido having approved the idea in abstract form,
the actual implementation has escaped scrutiny.  Also, if the API is
different from the PEP, acceptance should not be automatic.

If functional.partial() isn't a clear winner, it may be a reasonable to
ask that it be released in the wild and evolve before being solidified
in the standard library.  My sense is that that the current
implementation is far from its highest state of evolution.


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