[Python-Dev] Yet another patch review batch + request

Alan McIntyre alan.mcintyre at esrgtech.com
Sun Feb 27 18:19:14 CET 2005

I've taken a look at the following patches and made comments on the 
associated tracker items:

patch [977553] Speed up EnumKey call
    Looks like a good idea, but needs some cleanup and at least one
    test case.  I think I know enough about the Windows registry functions
    to finish this one up if the original author doesn't have time.

patch [1075147] Flush stdout/stderr if closed (fix for bug 1074011)
    Looking at current sysmodule.c shows that this change (plus some error
    checking) has already been made, and the referenced bug has already
    been closed.  

patch [1104111] setup.py --help and --help-commands altered.    
    Simple, helpful changes; got one 1+ and no negative comments over on 

patch [1107973] tarfile.ExFileObject iterators
    Doesn't break anything and makes ExFileObject more file-like, so
    I'm for it. Passes regression tests.

patch [1110248] patch for gzip.GzipFile.flush()
    related to bug 1110242
    Seems reasonable & is simple. Passes regression tests.
I would appreciate it if somebody could have a look at my patch:
[1121142] ZipFile.open - read-only file-like obj for files in archive

Another patch related to mine:
patch [992750] zipfile and big zipped file    
    This is the patch that I looked at before I submitted patch 1121142; if
    my patch is accepted (or rejected, I guess :-), this one should
    probably be closed since they implement the same idea.


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