[Python-Dev] Quick access to Python bug reports in Thunderbird

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Feb 28 00:34:39 CET 2005

Alan McIntyre wrote:
> Thanks, somehow I managed to be oblivious to patches & bugs being 
> essentially the same thing on SF. :-)

The SF URLs are different (or atleast, they used to be (*), as they
also include the "tracker ID" and the "project ID", and SF complains
if you guess either wrong.

Therefore, I wrote http://www.python.org/sf/ (also accessible
through sf?id=) which looks an ID up in all trackers, in sequence,
and caches the result in a file. Unfortunately, this
a) fails if the item gets moved between trackers
b) takes some time on the first access

Nevertheless, it works in most cases, and it is easier to
remember - especially as the shortest form is
(browsers will add the http://, DNS will add the www.,
  and the script will forward to SF index.php)


(*) Apparently, SF now supports an (apparently undocumented) URL format of


I'ld like to try this some day more systematically, to see whether it
would help simplifying the current Python script on python.org.

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