[Python-Dev] Re: super() harmful?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 20:47:35 CET 2005

>> Then why is the title "Python's Super Considered Harmful" ???
>> Here's my final offer.  Change the title to something like "Multiple
>> Inheritance Pitfalls in Python" and nobody will get hurt.

[Bill Janssen]
> Or better yet, considering the recent thread on Python marketing,
> "Multiple Inheritance Mastery in Python" :-).

I'm sorry, but that's not good marketing -- it contains big words, and
putting the brand name last is ineffective.  How about

    Python's Super() is Super -- Over 1528.7% Faster than C!

BTW, it's important that fractional percentages end with an odd digit.
 Research shows that if the last digit is even, 34.1% of consumers
tend to suspect the number was made up.

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