[Python-Dev] FishEye on Python CVS Repository

Peter Moore askpete at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 05:21:20 CEST 2005

Greetings Python Developers,

I'm responsible for setting up free FishEye hosting for community
projects. As a long time python user I of course added Python up
front.  You can see it here:


If you aren't familiar with FishEye, it is a repository browsing,
searching, analysis, monitoring..., tool for CVS (SVN coming soon).
Cool features include:

RSS feeds http://fisheye.cenqua.com/changelog/%7Erss/python/rss.xml

Synthetic changesets http://fisheye.cenqua.com/changelog/python/ and

Pretty ediffs http://fisheye.cenqua.com/viewrep/python/python/nondist/peps/pep-0343.txt?r1=1.22&r2=1.23

SQL like search http://fisheye.cenqua.com/search/python/?ql=

Note that normally FishEye is pretty close to real time (i.e. when run on
a local repository), but we can only get SF updates once a day, and they
are potentially a bit old when we grab them.  Feel free to mail me direct
pete _at_ cenqua _dot_ com if you want to tweak the python instance or
have any other questions/comments not appropriate for this list.


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