[Python-Dev] Final PyCon Keynote from Google Speaker

Steve Holden pycon at python.org
Fri Mar 4 04:46:41 CET 2005

Dear Python Colleague:

I am happy to say that we have now completed the
PyCon DC 2005 keynote speaker lineup, and that the
final keynote will be given by Greg Stein, an
engineering manager wirh Google's Blogger group,
who will be speaking on "Python at Google"

Greg is also known to many in the open source world
as the chairman of the Apache Foundation, and he is
a significant contributor to Subversion, WebDAV and

With the opening keynote from a Microsoft speaker,
the second keynote from Guido van Rossum (the
inventor of Python) and the last keynote from
Google, PyCon is beginning to demonstrate just
how significant Python has become in the modern
world of software and Internet services.

I hope you will join me in DC from March 23-25,
and possibly attend the four-day sprint being
held immediately before the conference. Pre-
conference registration is available via


This is going to be a great opportunity for all
those with an interest in Python to see just how
far the language has come.

Steve Holden
Chairman, PyCON DC 2005
PyCon DC 2005: The third Python Community Conference
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