[Python-Dev] python-dev Summary for 2005-02-01 through 2005-02-14 [draft]

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Fri Mar 4 18:44:02 CET 2005

Here are sample summaries of two "skipped threads". If anyone has
comments, criticisms, or rotten tomatoes, let me know.

Replacing list of constants with tuple of constants

Skip Montanaro noticed that Raymond Hettinger had made a number of
library checkins replacing lists with tuples in constructs like ``for
a in [1, 2, 3]:`` and ``if a in [1, 2, 3]:``.  He agreed with the
motivation (the peephole optimizer can convert a tuple of constants
into a single constant, eliminating construction time), but questioned
hardcoding the optimization.  Instead, he suggested teaching the
optimizer about "throwaway" lists in ``for`` and ``if`` statements.

Guido agreed with the sentiment.  Raymond accepted the suggestion, and
checked in code to implement it.

Contributing threads:
  - `list of constants -> tuple of constants

Complex I/O problem

Neal Becker asked why the result of printing a ``complex`` is not an
acceptable input to constructing a complex.  For example, ``print
complex(2,2)`` yields ``'(2+2j)'``; but ``complex('(2+2j)')`` throws a

A. M. Kuchling responded that many types, including ``str`` and
``file`` share this behavior, and that in any event, parsing string
representations is a job more suited to ``eval`` than to classes

Guido `reiterated the rules`_ for ``str()`` (used by ``print``) and
``repr()``. Since both ``complex.__str__`` and ``complex.__repr__``
pass the ``eval()`` test, he pronounced it fine.

.. _reiterated the rules:

Contributing threads:
  - `complex I/O problem

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