[Python-Dev] Annoying $Id$ in Misc/NEWS

Greg Ward gward at python.net
Sat Mar 5 03:57:46 CET 2005

This entry in Misc/NEWS

- SF patch 995225:  The test file testtar.tar accidentally contained
  CVS keywords (like $Id: NEWS,v 1.1266 2005/03/05 02:53:17 gward Exp $), which could cause spurious failures in
  test_tarfile.py depending on how the test file was checked out.

just caused a conflict when I merged something from 2.4 onto the trunk.
(It was "Id: ... 1.265 ... mloewis" on the trunk, but
"Id: ... 1.1193.2.32 ... gward" on the branch.)

This is deliciously ironic: you can't talk about accidental CVS keywords
in testtar.tar without having accidental CVS keywords in the text that
talks about accidental CVS keywords!!  Aieee!!!

The obvious fix is to disable keyword expansion for Misc/NEWS:

  cvs admin -ko Misc/NEWS

Anyone mind if I do that?


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