[Python-Dev] python-dev Summary for 2005-02-15 through 2005-02-28 [draft]

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Mar 5 08:39:43 CET 2005

Decided to just plow through the next Summary so that I was finally caught up.

I am not expecting the candidates for taking of the Summaries to write stuff 
for this one (although I wouldn't mind it  =).  The idea of having them work 
together to write the Summaries has been proposed, but this is going out before 
I have heard back.

Depending on the number of people who send in edits, this could go out the same 
time as the 2005-02-01 Summary or I might wait until Monday night so people who 
only check mail on weekdays have a chance to look at this.


Summary Announcements

Status of the candidates

PyCon Looms
PyCon_ is coming!  Be there or be a Java or Perl coder!

.. _PyCon: http://www.pycon.org/


PEP movements
`PEP 309`_ is now final since the 'functional' module has now been checked into 

.. _PEP 309: http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0309.html

Contributing threads:
   - `PEP 309 enhancements <>`__
   - `PEP 309 <>`__

Indices for slices other objects with __int__ not okay
Travis Oliphant asked if it would be possible to patch slicing so that any 
object that defines __int__ could be used.

Guido didn't like this idea, though.  Float, for instance, has __int__ defined. 
  Guido admitted he "unfortunately copied a design mistake from C here".  He 
said he might add a __trunc__ magic method in Python 3000 for objects that 
really can't be viewed as an int but are willing to have data loss to give one.

Contributing threads:
   - `Fixing _PyEval_SliceIndex so that integer-like objects can be used <>`__
   - `Fix _PyEval_SliceIndex (Take two) <>`__

Why can't ``class C(): pass`` be acceptable?
No reason.  =)  So as of Python 2.5 it is acceptable to have empty parentheses 
for class definitions.  It does create a classic class and not a new-style one.

Contributing threads:
   - `Requesting that a class be a new-style class <>`__

What basestring is truly meant for
What is basestring for?  According to Guido it is purely for unicode and str to 
inherit from to help with checks in code where either type is acceptable.  It 
is *not* meant to be used as a base class for any other classes.

Contributing threads:
   - `UserString <>`__

Quickly opening an SF bug/patch in Firefox/Thunderbird
Martin v. Löwis posted a way to use the DictionarySearch_ plug-in for Mozilla 
to launch a browser with the highlighted patch/bug #.  See the email for the 
thread on how to get it to work.

.. _DictionarySearch: 

Contributing threads:
   - `Quick access to Python bug reports in Thunderbird <>`__

Optimizing ``x in [1, 2, 3]``
Raymond Hettinger has been trying to teach the peepholer some new tricks to 
optimize ``x in [1, 2, 3]`` and the like into a faster operation.  Initially he 
got it to change the list to a tuple.  He then tried turning the list into a 
frozenset, but that had the unforeseen issue of breaking semantics since it 
then required the object being checked for to be hashable.

So Raymond suggested introducing a SearchSet that tried the comparison as a 
frozenset first, and upon failure of hashing, to old way of just looking at 
each item in the list.

But this seemed like overkill since most lists would be small; probably usually 
under 4 items.  But Fredrik Lundh suggested expanding it to ``x == 1 or x == 2 
or x == 3``.  This seemed like a performance boost when the items of the list 
were lists since the COMPARE_OP opcode special-cases comparing ints.  But for 
other instances it probably isn't worth it unless more special-casing is done 
in the opcodes.

Contributing threads:
   - `Prospective Peephole Transformation <>`__

A DupStore opcode?
Raymond Hettinger suggested a new opcode called DupStore that would replace 
load;store opcode pairs.  Guido questioned if this was leading down a road of 
adding too much extra code for little benefit.

Off this a discussion about speeding up frame allocation, an area viewed as 
needing some optimization, started up.

Contributing threads:
   - `Store x Load x --> DupStore <>`__

Skipped Threads
+ pymalloc on 2.1.3
+ Exceptions *must*? be old-style classes?
+ subclassing PyCFunction_Type
+ Windows Low Fragementation Heap yields speedup of ~15%
+ string find(substring) vs. substring in string
+ [ python-Bugs-1124637 ] test_subprocess is far too slow (fwd)
+ Five review rule on the /dev/ page?
+ Some old patches
+ Comment regarding PEP 328

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