[Python-Dev] python-dev Summary for 2005-02-15 through 2005-02-28[draft]

Tony Meyer t-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Mar 7 03:48:21 CET 2005

> I am not expecting the candidates for taking of the Summaries 
> to write stuff for this one (although I wouldn't mind it  =).

In penance for being late with the other ones, here are a summaries for a
couple of skipped threads for this period:

Slow unit tests should be distinguished

Guido clarified that unit tests should distinguish between "regular" tests
and slow ones by use of the unit test 'resource' keys, as a result of Peter
Åstrand asking for comments about bug #1124637, which complained that
test_subprocess is too slow.  The suggested solution was to add another
resource for subprocess, so that generally a quick version would run, but a
longer, more thorough test would run with -uall or -usubprocess.  Along the
way, it was discovered that the reason that Windows already ran
test_subprocess quickly was because there was code special-casing it to be
fast.  The resource solution was checked in, although Windows was left

Contributing threads:
   - `[ python-Bugs-1124637 ] test_subprocess is far too slow (fwd)

Clarification of the '5 for 1' deal

It seems that the offer that some python-dev'ers have made to review a patch
in exchange for reviews of five (originally ten) other patches is finally
being taken up by various people.  However, python-dev traffic has increased
with patch and bug reviews, and the question was posed whether reviews
should be posted in general, or only for this specific deal.

The answer is that the comments should also be entered via the SourceForge
tracking system, but that a brief message covering a batch (rather than
individual) of reviews is acceptable for python-dev, at least for now.  New
reports should almost never be posted to python-dev, however, and should be
entered via the tracking system.

This offer isn't official policy, but a reference to it will be added to
Brett's summary of the development process.  However, people should also
remember that it may take developers some time to find time to deal with
reviews, and so have patience after posting their review.

Contributing threads:
   - `discourage patch reviews to the list?
   - `Some old patches
   - `Five review rule on the /dev/ page?

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