[Python-Dev] Migrating to subversion

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 7 21:01:32 CET 2005

Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I personally have had no success doing this, but the last time I tried
> was with a fairly old version of svn.

It gives an error message when you try. You then need to interpret the
error message, retry, and it gives you another error message. You do
this three times, and end up with the command line

cvs2svn -q --fs-type=fsfs --encoding=latin1 
-s py.svn.new python

> BTW, it looks like you just pulled in python/dist right?  Did you pull
> in the trunk?  What about nondist, or as Greg mentioned, distutils which
> is a sibling of the top-level python directory.

I posted the wrong URL. The right one is


It has distutils right in


> Just curious - why did you choose fsfs instead of the BerkeleyDB
> backend?

I had hoped that it would consume less disk space - but I really should
try with bdb again.

In our operational repositories, I have now migrated everything to
fsfs because it is so much more friendly to backups. You can backup
the on-disk state, and trust that is consistent. With bdb, you need
to use hot-backup.py or some such, and this gives you an entire copy
which then goes into all incremental backups. With fsfs, the incremental
backups really pickup new commits only. (for the Python svn, it doesn't
matter much, since that is excluded from backup, anyway)

> Thanks for doing this Martin.  I've heard that SF may be offering svn as
> early as May or June and I would love to see us convert when that's
> available.

So do I. However, I now believe that it is unlikely that SF will provide
automatic conversion (or the automatic conversion will be useless/fail);
instead, we likely need to provide our hand-tuned conversion.

I'll keep collecting issues/complaints about this specific conversion,
and try to integrate them if I can.


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