No new features (was Re: [Python-Dev] Re: [Python-checkins] python/dist/src/Modules ossaudiodev.c, 1.35, 1.36)

Greg Ward gward at
Wed Mar 9 02:21:52 CET 2005

On 09 March 2005, Anthony Baxter said (privately):
> Thanks! I really want to keep the no-new-features thing going for
> as long as possible, pending any AoG (Acts of Guido), of course.

Grumble.  How do you feel about upgrading optparse to sync with Optik
1.5.1?  I'm a bit embarassed that Python 2.4's optparse has __version__
== "1.5a2" because I didn't release Optik 1.5 in time.

And yes, there were some tiny new features in 1.5 and a few more coming
in 1.5.1:

  * SF patch #870807: allow users to specify integer option arguments
    in hexadecimal, octal, or binary with leading "0x", "0", or "0b"
    (1.5 final).

  * SF feature #1050184: add 'append_const' action (patch by
    Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci) (1.5 final).

  * Keep going if importing gettext fails (so optparse can be used
    in the Python build process) (1.5 final).

  * Fix so the 'merge' script works again (bugs spotted, and mostly
    fixed, by Andrea 'fwyzard' Bocci). (1.5.1)

  * SF bug #1145594: add 'finish()' method to OptionParser so
    applications can explicitly break reference cycles, making life
    easier for Python's garbage collector. (1.5.1)

  * SF feature #988126: add 'epilog' attribute to OptionParser
    (and constructor arg): paragraph of text to print after the
    main option help. (1.5.1)

  * Corrected French translation (po/optik/fr.po) (Laurent Laporte).

Every one of these is useful to someone, and none of them are even
remotely destabilizing.  But they all add functionality that would be
present in 2.4.1 and not in 2.4.  That doesn't bother me in the
slightest, but I guess it bothers some people.

I'd like to check this in for 2.4.1.  But I won't if anyone says "don't
do it".  Nor will I if no one else says "do it".

Burnt once...

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