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Donovan Baarda abo at
Wed Mar 9 13:38:15 CET 2005


From: "Anthony Baxter" <anthony at>
> On Wednesday 09 March 2005 12:21, Greg Ward wrote:
> > On 09 March 2005, Anthony Baxter said (privately):
> > > Thanks! I really want to keep the no-new-features thing going for
> > > as long as possible, pending any AoG (Acts of Guido), of course.
> Initially, I was inclined to be much less anal about the no-new-features
> thing. But since doing it, I've had a quite large number of people tell me
> much they appreciate this approach -  vendors, large companies with huge
> installed bases of Python, and also from people releasing software written
> in Python.  Very few people offer the counter argument as a general case -
> with the obvious exception that everyone has their "just this one little
> backported feature, pleeeease!" (I'm the same - there's been times where
> I've had new features I'd have loved to see in a bugfix release, just so I
> could use them sooner).

Just my 2c;

I don't mind new features in minor releases, provided they meet the
following two criteria;

1) Don't break the old API! The new features must be pure extensions that in
no way change the old API. Any existing code should be un-effected in any
way by the change.

2) The new features must be clearly documented as "New in version X.Y.Z".
This way people using these features will know the minium Python version
required for their application.

Any change that breaks rule 1) must be delayed until a major release. Any
change that breaks rule 2) is a documentation bug that needs fixing.

Donovan Baarda      

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