[Python-Dev] Open issues for 2.4.1

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sat Mar 12 17:14:37 CET 2005

So here's a list of open items I'm thinking about for the 2.4.1

  - os.access handling unicode filenames
    I'm still thinking over whether this is going to cause more problems
    for people who find it works for some Python 2.4 and not others. I'm
    leaning towards saying that this is a bug fix, but I'd appreciate any 
    comments (pro or con). If no-one comments, I'll go with whatever my
    gut feeling says is the right answer.

  - The unitest changes
    Changes to unitest to fix subclassing broke Zope's unittests. Should 
    this change be reverted before 2.4.1, or was the Zope test suite doing
    something particularly dodgy? I'm talking about 
        - unittest.TestCase.run() and unittest.TestSuite.run() can now be
         successfully extended or overridden by subclasses.  Formerly, 
         the subclassed method would be ignored by the rest of the module.
         (Bug #1078905).
    I've not looked too closely at the broken Zope code - can someone from
    ZC comment? How likely is it that other programs will also have been 
    broken by this? At this point, I'm leaning (very slightly) towards the
    feeling that this should probably be backed out before 2.4.1, mostly
    because it seems to me that this is an incompatibility, rather than a 
    pure bug fix.

I'm now pretty sure we need a 2.4.1rc2 for this week, and a 2.4.1 final the 
week after. There's been a few too many changes for my tastes to say that
going straight to a 2.4.1 final is a prudent course of action.

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