[Python-Dev] code blocks using 'for' loops and generators

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at uci.edu
Mon Mar 14 21:58:29 CET 2005

Greg Ewing <greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:
> Brian Sabbey wrote:
> > How about something like below?  In the same way 
> > that "self" is passed "behind the scenes" as the first argument, so can 
> > the thunk be.
> > 
> > with stopwatch() result dt:
> >     a()
> >     b()
> > print 'it took', dt, 'seconds to compute'
> Something like that would be better, yes. Maybe even just
>    dt = stopwatch():
>      a()
>      b()
> Whatever keyword is used is bound to not sound right
> for some usages, so it would be best if no keyword
> were needed at all.

Since PEP 310 was already mentioned, can we just say that the discussion
can be boiled down to different ways of spelling __enter__/__exit__ from
PEP 310?

If so, then if either one of you really want/need this kind of thing,
maybe one of you should pick up the PEP, address the issues sufficiently,
and make it happen.

 - Josiah

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