[Python-Dev] BRANCH FREEZE for 2.4.1rc2 at 2005-03-18 0000 UTC

Anthony Baxter anthony at python.org
Wed Mar 16 14:28:08 CET 2005

The release24-maint branch should be considered FROZEN as at 0000 UTC
on 2005-03-18 - in other words, in about 11 hours time. Allegedly this is
around 1900 on the 17th for the US East Coast. I'll post again once it's 
unfrozen. From here, we'll be aiming at a 2.4.1 final for the 29th - straight 
after PyCon. 

I'll post again when the branch is available for checkins. And I'll repeat my
request for people to be ultra-conservative with checkins to the branch until
2.4.1 final is out. If in doubt, ping me first. Those contact details again:

  AIM: anthonyatekit
  Jabber: anthonyatekit at jabber.org
  IRC: #python-dev on Freenode.

Anthony Baxter     <anthony at python.org>
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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