[Python-Dev] RE: code blocks using 'for' loops and generators

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Mar 17 02:47:28 CET 2005

Jim Jewett wrote:

> (2)  A function as a parameter isn't good enough, because the 
> passed-in function can't see bindings in the surrounding larger 
> function.  (It still sees the lexical scope it which it was defined.)

That sounds confused, because the lexical scope it which
it was defined is exactly what it *should* see.

> (4)  A thunk could be used today be creating a string (rather than
> a pre-compiled function) and substituting in the thunk's string

Again, you seem to be under a misapprehension about how
code blocks should work. They should be lexically scoped,
not dynamically scoped.

> (7)  A __leave__ or __exit__ special method really turns into another
> name for __del__.

Not really. A PEP-310-style __exit__ method is explicitly
invoked at well-defined times, not left until the object
is reclaimed. It doesn't suffer from any of the problems
of __del__.

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