[Python-Dev] Re: Change 'env var BROWSER override' semantics in webbrowser.py

rodsenra at gpr.com.br rodsenra at gpr.com.br
Sun Mar 20 15:40:27 CET 2005

>    I am in game, as one of those patches is mine. I've started to review
> patches...

Hi Oleg,

Perhaps you could focus in 728278. It addresses some of the issues you
have addressed in 754022, but it is not properly formatted. If you could
merge into your patch the result of  "set(728278)-set(754022)", it would
be great.

These two patches have the biggest number of changes, and most significant
ones. Naturally they are also the most conflicting.

If these two are merged, then I believe *all* webbrowser.py related
patches could be addressed and closed quickly.

best regards,
Rod Senra

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