[Python-Dev] [AST] Procedure for AST Branch patches

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 16:53:00 CET 2005

[Brett C.]
> Make sure "AST" is used in the subject line; e.g., "[AST]" at the beginning.
> Unfortunately the AST group is only available for patches; not listed for bug
> reports (don't know why; can this be fixed?).

Your wish is my command:  there's an AST group in Python's bug tracker
now.  FYI, each tracker has a distinct set of metadata choices, and
nothing shows up in any of 'em by magic.

> Other than that, just assign it to me since I will most likely be doing AST
> work in the near future.

Unfortunately, auto-assign keys off Category instead of Group metadata.

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