[Python-Dev] [AST] Procedure for AST Branch patches

Grant Olson olsongt at verizon.net
Sun Mar 20 21:35:53 CET 2005


> Make sure "AST" is used in the subject line; e.g., "[AST]" at 
> the beginning. 
> Unfortunately the AST group is only available for patches; 
> not listed for bug reports (don't know why; can this be fixed?).
> Other than that, just assign it to me since I will most 
> likely be doing AST work in the near future.


I sent a few outstanding ones your way.  I hate to complain again, I know
everyone involved are volunteers, etc, etc; but it'd be really nice if
someone could take a look at '[ 742621 ] ast-branch: msvc project sync'.
The patch is almost two years old now, has been updated for VC7.1 and still
hasn't been checked in.  Without this, any Windows developers who check out
the ast-branch will experience a broken build.


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