[Python-Dev] Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Wed Mar 30 04:08:55 CEST 2005

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches :  297 open (+11) /  2812 closed (+11) /  3109 total (+22)
Bugs    :  871 open ( +1) /  4900 closed (+33) /  5771 total (+34)
RFE     :  175 open ( +0) /   150 closed ( +0) /   325 total ( +0)

New / Reopened Patches

Decimal interaction with __rop__  (2005-03-19)
       http://python.org/sf/1166602  opened by  Facundo Batista

Fix _tryorder in webbrowser.py  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166780  opened by  Rodrigo Dias Arruda Senra

Fix handling of large octal literals  (2005-03-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1166879  opened by  Nick Coghlan

locale.getdefaultencoding: LANGUAGE not correctly parsed  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166938  opened by  Matthias Klose

locale.getdefaultencoding: precedence of LANGUAGE / LANG  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166948  opened by  Matthias Klose

locale: 'utf' is not a known encoding  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166957  opened by  Matthias Klose

asdl_c.py fix for long lines  (2005-03-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1167117  opened by  John Ehresman

Tar file symbolic link bug fix  (2005-03-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1167128  opened by  Ellers

a fix for doctest crash when it is ran on itself  (2005-03-20)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1167316  opened by  Ilya Sandler

[AST] Generator expressions  (2005-03-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1167628  opened by  Nick Coghlan

ast for decorators  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167709  opened by  John Ehresman

distutils.dir_utils.mkpath to support unicode  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167716  opened by  John M. Camara

Add current dir when running try_run test program  (2005-03-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1168055  opened by  Michiel de Hoon

tarfile.py: set sizes of non-regular files to zero.  (2005-03-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1168594  opened by  Lars Gustäbel

Handle ungzipped man pages in rpm builds correctly  (2005-03-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1169193  opened by  Robin Green

[ast branch] unicode literal fixes  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170272  opened by  John Ehresman

Method for cell objects to access contents  (2005-03-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1170323  opened by  paul cannon

Newline in error output of py_compile.compile  (2005-03-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1171150  opened by  paul cannon

bug fix for islice() in docs  (2005-03-27)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1171417  opened by  Pernici Mario

Patch for [ 1170331 ] Error in base64.b32decode  (2005-03-27)
       http://python.org/sf/1171487  opened by  logistix

Fix compile/link when using Darwin 8  (2005-03-28)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1171735  opened by  Bob Ippolito

Fix compile/link when using Darwin 8  (2005-03-28)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1171767  opened by  Bob Ippolito

long long support for array module  (2005-03-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1172711  opened by  Oren Tirosh

Patches Closed

[AST] Fix handling of large octal literals  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166879  closed by  bcannon

asdl_c.py fix for long lines  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1167117  closed by  bcannon

Tar file symbolic link bug fix  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1167128  closed by  loewis

ast-branch: msvc project sync  (2003-05-23)
       http://python.org/sf/742621  closed by  bcannon

ast-branch: hacks so asdl_c.py generates compilable code  (2005-01-14)
       http://python.org/sf/1102710  closed by  bcannon

a fix for doctest crash when it is ran on itself  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167316  closed by  tim_one

urllib2 .getheaders attribute error  (2005-02-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1117588  closed by  fdrake

the quotes page on the Web site links to something broken  (2005-03-14)
       http://python.org/sf/1163314  closed by  jjinux

add set/getattr interface to tkFont.Font objects  (2003-07-01)
       http://python.org/sf/764221  closed by  loewis

bug fix for islice() in docs  (2005-03-27)
       http://python.org/sf/1171417  closed by  rhettinger

Fix compile/link when using Darwin 8  (2005-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1171735  closed by  etrepum

Fix compile/link when using Darwin 8  (2005-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1171767  closed by  etrepum

New / Reopened Bugs

IterableUserDict not in docs  (2005-03-19)
       http://python.org/sf/1166582  opened by  Kent Johnson

The readline module can cause python to segfault  (2005-03-19)
       http://python.org/sf/1166660  opened by  Yariv Ido

[ast branch] fatal error when compiling test_bool.py  (2005-03-19)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1166704  opened by  John Ehresman

[ast branch] fatal error when compiling test_bool.py  (2005-03-20)
       http://python.org/sf/1166714  opened by  John Ehresman

Fails assertion in winsig.c under VC 8.0  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167262  opened by  Timothy Fitz

Error "exec"ing python code  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167300  opened by  Stefan Seefeld

xmlrpclib invalid url  (2005-03-21)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1167329  opened by  Mark Doukidis

Python 2.4 causes BitTorrent 3.4.2 failure  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167397  opened by  Andrew P. Lentvorski, Jr.

Argument genexp corner case  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167751  opened by  John Ehresman

Line ending documentation is misleading  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167922  opened by  Paul Moore

threading.Thread.join() cannot be interrupted by a Ctrl-C  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167930  opened by  Nicholas Veeser

Python 2.5a0 Tutorial errors and observations  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1168135  opened by  Michael R Bax

Possible windows+python bug  (2005-03-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1168427  opened by  holo9

frame.f_exc_type,value,traceback  (2005-03-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1168746  opened by  Armin Rigo

ftplib.py string index out of range  (2005-03-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1168983  opened by  David Carroll

PySys_WriteStderr() -> WaitForSingleObject() hangs system  (2005-03-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1169108  opened by  stan pinte

improvement of ossaudiodev module doc.  (2005-03-23)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1169212  opened by  hiower

Install fail code 2932 after fail to copy python_icon.exe  (2005-03-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1169633  opened by  Wagner

modules missing from list of Carbon modules  (2005-03-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1169679  opened by  Jesse Weinstein

HTTPResponse.getheaders() returns lowercased header names  (2005-03-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1170065  opened by  yain

BaseCookie does not call value_decode  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170279  opened by  Ryan Lovett

zipfile UnicodeDecodeError  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170311  opened by  adam davis

Error in base64.b32decode  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170331  opened by  toidinamai

doc speaks of extensions option while it's *called* ext_modu  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170422  opened by  Jürgen A. Erhard

why should URL be required for all packages  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170424  opened by  Jürgen A. Erhard

gc module docu  (2005-03-25)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1170460  opened by  Martin Renold

weakref.proxy incorrect behaviour  (2005-03-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1170766  opened by  Alexander Kozlovsky

Thread.join() fails to release Lock on KeyboardInterrupt  (2005-03-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1171023  reopened by  phansen

Thread.join() fails to release Lock on KeyboardInterrupt  (2005-03-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1171023  opened by  Peter Hansen

Error in code example in main tutorial, section 9.3.4  (2005-03-28)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1171819  opened by  Niek

error in documentation for splitting empty string   (2005-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1171994  opened by  Wai Yip Tung

BaseCookie does not call value_decode  (2005-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1172011  opened by  Ryan Lovett

"cmp" should be "key" in sort doc  (2005-03-29)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1172554  opened by  Keith Briggs

"cmp" should be "key" in sort doc  (2005-03-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1172581  opened by  Keith Briggs

dumbdbm hoses index on load failure  (2005-03-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1172763  opened by  currivan

doctest.script_from_examples() result sometimes un-exec-able  (2005-03-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1172785  opened by  Jonathan E. Guyer

Bugs Closed

subprocess.Popen with copious output hangs  (2005-03-13)
       http://python.org/sf/1162428  closed by  astrand

subprocess pipe fails under Emacs  (2005-03-15)
       http://python.org/sf/1163759  closed by  astrand

KeyboardInterrupt causes segmentation fault with threads  (2005-03-18)
       http://python.org/sf/1165761  closed by  anthonybaxter

super(...).__new__( ... ) behaves "unexpected"  (2005-03-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1164631  closed by  brenck

Optik OptionParse important undocumented option  (2005-01-10)
       http://python.org/sf/1099324  closed by  gward

optparse needs reference documentation  (2004-07-19)
       http://python.org/sf/993601  closed by  gward

optparse docs missing section on Extending  (2004-12-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1086675  closed by  gward

[ast branch] fatal error when compiling test_bool.py  (2005-03-19)
       http://python.org/sf/1166704  closed by  bcannon

After fork in subthread, signals are blocked  (2003-12-03)
       http://python.org/sf/853411  closed by  mwh

xmlrpclib invalid url  (2005-03-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1167329  closed by  montanaro

BasHTTPServer IE Mac 5.1 size problem  (2003-09-25)
       http://python.org/sf/812340  closed by  facundobatista

Section 11.20: xmlrpclib Details  (2003-08-19)
       http://python.org/sf/791067  closed by  facundobatista

socket.inet_aton on 64bit platform  (2003-07-07)
       http://python.org/sf/767150  closed by  facundobatista

xml.sax second time file loading problem  (2002-09-09)
       http://python.org/sf/606692  closed by  facundobatista

Error using Tkinter embeded in C++  (2003-03-06)
       http://python.org/sf/699068  closed by  facundobatista

urllib ftp broken if Win32 proxy  (2002-03-19)
       http://python.org/sf/532007  closed by  facundobatista

missing sequence tests - pull from deque  (2005-03-18)
       http://python.org/sf/1166274  closed by  doerwalter

Unable to Install  Python 2.4.1rc1 on windows XP SP2  (2005-03-14)
       http://python.org/sf/1162677  closed by  loewis

segfault when running smtplib example  (2004-08-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1003195  closed by  facundobatista

sgmllib incorrectly handles entities in attributes  (2003-07-29)
       http://python.org/sf/779388  closed by  facundobatista

Unix popen does not return exit status  (2002-09-12)
       http://python.org/sf/608635  closed by  facundobatista

Implied __init__.py not copied  (2002-09-11)
       http://python.org/sf/608033  closed by  facundobatista

pydoc -g dumps core on Solaris 2.8  (2002-08-30)
       http://python.org/sf/602627  closed by  facundobatista

makesetup fails: long Setup.local lines  (2002-08-05)
       http://python.org/sf/591287  closed by  facundobatista

os.tmpfile() can fail on win32  (2002-08-05)
       http://python.org/sf/591104  closed by  facundobatista

pthread_exit missing in thread_pthread.h  (2002-07-09)
       http://python.org/sf/579116  closed by  facundobatista

cgi.py broken with xmlrpclib on Python 2  (2002-06-15)
       http://python.org/sf/569316  closed by  facundobatista

Popen exectuion blocking w/threads  (2002-06-07)
       http://python.org/sf/566037  closed by  facundobatista

fpectl build on solaris: -lsunmath  (2002-03-15)
       http://python.org/sf/530163  closed by  facundobatista

small change in ossaudiodev module doc.  (2005-03-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1169212  closed by  gward

Solaris and Python/pykota  (2005-03-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1156441  closed by  loewis

gc module docu  (2005-03-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1170460  closed by  loewis

Thread.join() fails to release Lock on KeyboardInterrupt  (2005-03-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1171023  closed by  bcannon

Error in code example in main tutorial, section 9.3.4  (2005-03-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1171819  closed by  loewis

"cmp" should be "key" in sort doc  (2005-03-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1172554  closed by  rhettinger

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