[Python-Dev] PEP 340 - possible new name for block-statement

Luis P Caamano lcaamano at gmail.com
Mon May 2 16:18:07 CEST 2005

On 4/29/05, Reinhold Birkenfeld  wrote:
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> Subject: [Python-Dev] Re: PEP 340 - possible new name for
>        block-statement
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> FWIW, the first association when seeing
> block something:
> is with the verb "to block", and not with the noun, which is most displeasing.
> Reinhold

Which is the reason I thought of "bracket" instead.  Although it's also a
noun and a verb, the verb doesn't imply "stop" like block does.  However,
because one of the main features of python is that it's easy to read,
adding "with" to it makes it very clear as in "bracket_with".  Ugly at
first, but that's just a matter of familiarity.  You never notice that your
ugly friend is really that ugly anymore, right?

bracket_with foo(arg1, arg2) as f:

seems very explicit to me.

However, I do prefer no keyword at all and that would be my first choice,
but if we have to choose a keyword, "block" has that "stop" connotation
that will certainly confuse more than a few but I doubt people would
go with "bracket_with."  

I certainly hope no-keyword is possible.

Luis P Caamano
Atlanta, GA USA

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