[Python-Dev] python-dev sprint at PyCon

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Nov 1 18:16:52 CET 2005

At 09:35 AM 11/1/2005 -0500, A.M. Kuchling wrote:
>Every PyCon has featured a python-dev sprint.  For the past few years,
>hacking on the AST branch has been a tradition, but we'll have to come
>up with something new for this year's conference (in Dallas Texas;
>sprints will be Monday Feb. 27 through Thursday March 2).
>According to Anthony's release plan, a first alpha of 2.5 would be
>released in March, hence after PyCon and the sprints.  We should
>discuss possible tasks for a python-dev sprint.  What could we do?

* PEP 343 implementation ('with:')
* PEP 308 implementation ('x if y else z')
* A bytes type

Or perhaps some of the things that have been waiting for the AST branch to 
be finished, i.e.:

* One of the "global variable speedup" PEPs
* Guido's instance variable speedup idea (LOAD_SELF_IVAR and 

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