[Python-Dev] python-dev sprint at PyCon

skip@pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Nov 1 21:58:37 CET 2005

    amk> Every PyCon has featured a python-dev sprint.  For the past few
    amk> years, hacking on the AST branch has been a tradition, but we'll
    amk> have to come up with something new for this year's conference...

This is just a comment from the peanut gallery, as it's highly unlikely I'll
be in attendance, but why not continue with the AST theme?  Instead of
working on the AST branch, you could start to propagate the AST
representation around.  For example, you could use the new AST code to
improve/extend/rewrite the optimization steps the compiler currently
performs.  Another alternative would be to rewrite Pychecker (or Pychecker
2) to operate from the AST representation.


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