[Python-Dev] Plea to distribute debugging lib

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 21:37:37 CET 2005

[David Abrahams]
> For years, Boost.Python has been doing some hacks to work around the
> fact that a Windows Python distro doesn't include the debug build of
> the library.
> ...
> MS is recommending that we (Boost) start distributing a debug build of the
> Python DLL with Boost, but Boost really seems like the wrong place to host
> such a thing.  Is there any way Python.org can make a debug build more
> accessible?

Possibly.  I don't do this anymore (this == build the Python Windows
installers), but I used to.  For some time I also made available a zip
file containing various debug-build bits, captured at the time the
official installer was built. We didn't (and I'm sure we still don't)
want to include them in the main installer, because they bloat its
size for something most users truly do not want.

I got sick of building the debug zip file, and stopped doing that too.
 No two users wanted the same set of stuff in it, so it grew to
contain the union of everything everyone wanted, and then people
complained that it was "too big".  This is one of the few times in
your Uncle Timmy's life that he said "so screw it -- do it yourself,
you whiny baby whiners with your incessant baby whining you " ;-)

Based on that sure-to-be universal reaction from anyone who signs up
for this, I'd say the best thing you could do to help it along is to
define precisely (a) what an acceptable distribution format is; and,
(b) what exactly it should contain.  That, and being nice to Martin,
would go a long way.

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