[Python-Dev] cross-compiling

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 7 23:38:34 CET 2005

Neal Norwitz wrote:
> First, distutils is required to build all the modules. 

As Guido already suggests, this assertion is false. In a
cross-compilation environment, I would try to avoid distutils,
and indeed, the build process to do so is still supported.

> Second, in configure we try to run little programs (AC_TRY_RUN) to
> determine what to set.  I don't know of any good alternative but to
> force those to be defined manually for cross-compiled environments.
> Any suggestions here?  I'm thinking we can skip the the AC_TRY_RUNs
> if host != target and we pickup the answers to those from a user
> supplied file.

You shouldn't be required to do that. Instead, just edit pyconfig.h
manually, to match the target. autoconf is designed to support that.

It would help if Makefile was target-independent (only host-dependent).
Not sure whether this is the case.


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