[Python-Dev] str.dedent

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Nov 14 21:01:00 CET 2005

Noam Raphael wrote:

> That's a theoretical argument. In practice, if you do it in the
> parser, you have two options:
> 1. Automatically dedent all strings.
> 2. Add a 'd' or some other letter before the string.
> Option 1 breaks backwards compatibility, and makes the parser do
> unexpected things. Option 2 adds another string-prefix letter, which
> is confusing, and it will also be hard to find out what that letter
> means. On the other hand, adding ".dedent()" at the end is very clear,
> and is just as easy.

so is putting the string constant in a global variable, outside the scope
you're in, like you'd do with any other constant.

(how about a new rule: you cannot post to a zombie thread on python-
dev unless they've fixed/reviewed/applied or otherwise processed at least
one tracker item earlier the same day.  there are hundreds of items on the
bugs and patches trackers that could need some loving care)


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