[Python-Dev] Patch Req. # 1351020 & 1351036: PythonD modifications

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 21 22:16:16 CET 2005

Ben Decker wrote:
> I think the port has beed supported for three years now. I am not
> sure what kind of commitment you are looking for, but the patch and
> software are supplied under the same terms of liability and warranty
> as anything else under the GPL.

That (licensed under GPL) would be an issue, as we are not accepting
GPL-licensed code. I would guess that you are flexibly in licensing,
though: we would request that you allow us to relicense the contribution
under the terms at


The commitment I was looking for was rather a statement like
"I will be maintaining it for several coming years; when I ever
stop maintaining it, feel free to remove the code again".

So it is not that much past history (although this also matters,
and three years of availability is certainly a good record); it
is more important to somehow commit to future support, so that
we are not left alone with code when cannot maintain if you
ever drop out.


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