[Python-Dev] s/hotshot/lsprof

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Nov 21 22:40:02 CET 2005

Brett Cannon wrote:
> But this worry, in my mind, is alleviated since I believe both Michael
> and Armin are willing to maintain the code.  With them both willing to
> make sure it stays working (which is a pretty damn good commitment
> since we have two core developers willing to keep this going and not
> just one) I think this worry is dealt with.

So far, neither of them has explicitly said so: Michael said he will
be around; and I'm certain that is the case for Python as a whole.
An explicit commitment to lsprof maintenance would help (me, atleast).

> In other words, I say let Armin and Michael add lsprof and the
> wrappers for it (all while removing any redundant profilers that they
> have wrappers for) with them knowing we will have a public stoning at
> PyCon the instant they don't keep it all working.  =)

I would prefer to see some advance support from lsprof users, confirming
that this is really a good thing to have.


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