[Python-Dev] ast status, memory leaks, etc

Neil Hodgson nyamatongwe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 23:04:40 CET 2005

Neal Norwitz:

> I think a bigger bang for the buck would be to buy a Windows box with
> Purify.  Rational was a real pain to deal with, maybe it's better now
> that IBM bought them.  Parasoft (Insure++) was even worse to deal
> with.

   My experience with the other Windows option, BoundsChecker, is
similarly negative and I haven't bothered upgrading for a couple of
versions (so can only use it with VC++ 6). The original developer,
NuMega, were great but they were absorbed into Compuware which seems
to see it more as a source of consulting income than as a product. I'm
fairly experienced with BoundsChecker and related programs (like their
profiler) so could run it over a test suite if a license was provided.
A demonstration license can probably not be installed on my machine
due to earlier installs.


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