[Python-Dev] test_cmd_line on Windows

A.B., Khalid abkhd at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 06:16:15 CET 2005

Currently test_directories of test_cmd_line fails on the latest Python 2.4.2 
from svn branch and from the svn head. The reason it seems is that the test 
assumes that the local language of Windows is English and so tries to find 
the string " denied" in the returned system error messages of the commands
("python .") and ("python < .").

But while it is true that the first command ("python .") does return an 
English string error message even on so-called non-English versions of 
Windows, the same does not seem to be true for the second command ("python < 
."), which seems to return a locale-related string error message. And since 
the latter test is looking for the English " denied" in a non-English 
language formated string, the test fails in non-English versions of Windows.


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