[Python-Dev] Patch Req. # 1351020 & 1351036: PythonD modifications

Ben Decker bend at ddaustralia.com.au
Mon Nov 21 08:08:45 CET 2005

> It's not that much availability of the platform I worry about, but the
> commitment of the Python porter. We need somebody to forward bug
> reports to, and somebody to intervene if incompatible changes are made.
> This person would also indicate that the platform is no longer
> available, and hence the port can be removed.
> Regards,
> Martin

I think the port has beed supported for three years now. I am not sure what kind of commitment you are looking for, but the patch and software are supplied under the same terms of liability and warranty as anything else under the GPL. 

Bug reports can be sent to either python at exemail.com.au, decker at dacafe.com or developemnt at exemail.com.au.

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