[Python-Dev] ast status, memory leaks, etc

Amaury Forgeot d'Arc amauryfa at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 09:17:00 CET 2005


Purify is not so difficult to use: just run and learn to read the output ;-)
My config: Win2k using VC6sp5, and only 512Mb RAM.
I downloaded the snapshot dated 2005/11/21 05:01,
commented out #define WITH_PYMALLOC,
built in debug mode,
modified the rt.bat file to use purify,
and ran "rt -d".

Here are the most important results so far :

1 - Memory error in test_coding, while importing bad_coding.py :
IPR: Invalid pointer read in tok_nextc {1 occurrence}
    Reading 1 byte from 0x048af076 (1 byte at 0x048af076 illegal)
    Address 0x048af076 points into a malloc'd block in unallocated
region of heap 0x03120000
    Thread ID: 0x718
    Error location
        tok_nextc      [tokenizer.c:881]
        tok_get        [tokenizer.c:1104]
        PyTokenizer_Get [tokenizer.c:1495]
        parsetok       [parsetok.c:125]
        PyParser_ParseFileFlags [parsetok.c:89]
        PyParser_ASTFromFile [pythonrun.c:1293]
        parse_source_module [import.c:778]
        load_source_module [import.c:905]
        load_module    [import.c:1665]
        import_submodule [import.c:2259]

2 - Stack overflow in test_compile.test_extended_arg. No need to
Purify, the debug build is enough to reproduce the problem.

Because of the stack overflow, the test suite stopped. I ran some
random tests alone, to get memory leak reports, but there is no
significant message so far.
Today I'll try the complete test suite, excluding test_compile only.


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