[Python-Dev] CVS repository mostly closed now

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Nov 29 08:14:20 CET 2005

장혜식 wrote:
> There's a hacky trick to remove them:
>  put  rm -rf $CVSROOT/src into CVSROOT/loginfo
> and remove the line then and commit again. :)

Sure :-) SF makes a big fuss as to how good a service
this is: open source will never go away. I tend to
agree, somewhat. For historical reasons, it is surely
nice to be able to browse the CVS repository (in particular
if you need to correlate CVS revision numbers and svn
revision numbers); also, people can take any time they
want to convert CVS sandboxes.

So instead of hacking them, I thought we better comply.
With the mechanics in place, anybody should notice
we switched to subversion (but I will write something
on c.l.p.a, anyway).


P.S. Sorry for not getting your name right in the To:
field; that's thunderbird.

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